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Queens Assault Lawyer – Queens Self Defense Lawyer

Queens Assault Lawyer

Each year thousands of people are wrongfully prosecuted for assault in Queens. Despite valid self defense claims, the NYPD will usually arrest the winner of the fight despite the fact that the other person may have started it. Assault can include, among other things, Assault With a Deadly Weapon and Assault With Intent to Rape, Maim or Murder. Whereas a fist fight would be considered a simple assault, assaults involving deadly force are considered far more serious and carry much more severe prison sentences.Violent crimes are taken very seriously and typically involve prison terms and high bail amounts or even no bail amounts. The stakes are higher in violent crimes than in almost any other type of criminal charges. Judges and juries are very tough on assault cases because of the damage that has been done to a victim.

Assault Defenses

One of the keys to a successful violent crime defense is pre-trial investigation. Effective investigation can uncover prosecution missteps, identify exculpatory evidence and allow the use of tools such as DNA analysis and polygraph tests.The prosecution has experienced investigators whose job is to build a case against you while providing you the services of an overburdened public defender to save your life. Defending against assault charges requires thorough pre-trial investigation that can add reasonable doubt to the prosecution’s case. We prepare every case for trial . We will not rush to plea your rights away

Mr. Discioarro has handled hundreds of assault cases and knows how to effectively represent his clients and obtain the best results in their cases. Call 917-519-8417.